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Message: “Why Pray?” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Courage.” Prayer is a spiritual practice at the heart of every religious tradition around the globe, including those that do not believe in a deity or the supernatural. Join us as we explore the many forms this exercise takes and the power of prayer to transform lives this Sunday. • Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, preaching • Chela Metzger, Worship Associate.

Message: “Explorations of the Heart” from Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins

A message from the monthly “Courage.” When Western Civilizations tell their stories, they speak of their explorations and discoveries. Often implying or grandly stating that nothing and no one of import existed until they arrived. How often do we speak of discovering information or interesting places, sharing the news as if we were the first to have the experience? Explorations take courage whether one is traveling across an ocean, into space or deep within one’s own heart. • Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins, preaching • JoAn Peters, Worship Associate.

Message: “St. Francis Day & Blessing of the Animals and Loved Items” from Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Courage.” Joining with congregations around the globe, we celebrate the sacred circle of life and our non-human animal companions in this special multigenerational service. You are invited to bring your animal companion or a picture of them, or a loved non-animal comfort item with you to be blessed in this service. We will also remember those who have crossed the rainbow bridge as we begin our honoring of the season of the ancestors. Young people are invited to remain in the sanctuary for the entire service. • Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae, preaching • Cassie Winters, Worship Associate.

Message: “Sounding the Shofar” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Belonging.” Sunday Worship: Sounding the Shofar
The Yamim Noraʾim — the Days of Awe — arrive proclaiming the Jewish New Year and inviting all to take inventory of their lives. What forgiveness might you offer to another this year? What forgiveness do you seek? Join us as we reflect upon these important religious holidays and their transformative wisdom. Jo An Peters, worship associate.

Message: “Camp Songs” from Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins

A message from the monthly “Belonging.” Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri Robins, preaching
Chela Metzger, Worship Associate

While some of our members are away at Camp de Benneville Pines, we will reminisce about the best and worst of camp life. Did you go to camp? As an adult or as a child? What are some of your indelible memories? Why is camping such a significant aspect of American life? And most important of all, which are your favorite camp songs? Come worship and sing with us.

Message: “A Humble Heart” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Belonging.” Henry David Thoreau observed, “Humility, like the darkness, reveals the heavenly lights.” Progressing on the spiritual path with humility is extolled by all great religions. Join us this morning as we explore how we might live with a greater awareness and deeper gratitude for the gifts of life.

Message: “Ingathering and Water Communion” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Ambiguity.” Join us for our annual homecoming service when we commune with water and offer libations with our hopes and dreams for the new church year. You may bring water from your summer travels or sacred spaces to share in this annual ceremony. Let us find life and refreshment together in this special service of ingathering and the inauguration of a new church year.

Message: “Our Democracy and Bylaws” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

A message from the monthly “Ambiguity.” Our congregation is a democratic institution, and how we practice democracy as a beloved community is defined by our bylaws, covenants, and liberal religious values. Our Bylaws Refresh Task Force worked diligently to draft proposed bylaws for consideration at the next Special Meeting of the Congregation. Come learn more about this important developmental ministry work and our liberal religious commitment to democracy.