Message: “Finding Your Place” from Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins

Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins - June 19, 2022

Finding Your Place

We teach about the uniqueness of all people, and though we know that we have gifts differing from one another, we focus on our flaws and short comings. We apologize for who we are and how we are. We strive to be better, but we never acknowledge that we started out as good. If you believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every person, then you must find your place. Find the way and the place in the world, where you can be your best self. #yourbestself #thisisme #prideinself

From Monthly: "Celebrating Blessings"

Is a blessing as simple as what you say after a sneeze? There are blessings at the dinner table, counting your blessings, and “you are a blessing.” Many see life’s gifts as blessings from God. Our faith uses the idea of blessing to refer to something good, something that feels like a gift. Celebrating blessings means remembering with gratitude all the good things in our lives.

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