Message: “Conversations About the Mystery” from Rev. Kikanza Nuri-Robbins

Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins - March 27, 2022

Conversations About the Mystery

How do you describe your Faith? Is it enough to say, “I’m a UU?” Or do you need to specify the kind of Unitarian Universalist you are, citing perhaps, the religion or faith or belief system that informs your appreciation of Unitarian Universalism. During this season of polemic speech in our country, it becomes harder to share what you believe without becoming defensive or feeling you need to justify your position. This morning we will talk about how one can talk about the Mystery that some call God, and the energy that shapes other beliefs, in ways that are inclusive — calling people in to share their ideas, rather than calling them out or pushing them away.

From Monthly: "Renewing Faith"

We are people of “liberal faith” who place our trust in our open-minded and open-hearted approach to life and in our hope for a brighter future for humanity – with greater freedom, justice, and love for all. We renew our faith by stretching our beings through participation in community life, and by inspiration from courageous people like President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

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