Message: “Coming of Age Service” from UUSM Coming of Age Youth

UUSM Coming of Age Youth - May 5, 2024

Coming of Age Service

This worship service is designed to celebrate our students’ Coming of Age journey and allow them the chance to share about their discoveries. The CoA Youth have designed and will lead this service. The Coming of Age Class (Becoming/Soul Matters) is a crucial part of the Unitarian Universalist community web because it encapsulates the UU quest for spiritual growth and curiosity. It builds curiosity and compassion in young people as they embark on their own understanding of themselves and the world, while facilitating strong bonds with each other and their leaders. Order of Service available at

From Monthly: "Pluralism"

Britannica Dictionary definition of PLURALISM : a situation in which people of different social classes, religions, races, etc., are together in a society but continue to have their different traditions and interests. Our Soul Matters theme invites us to consider the Pluralism of our world, our communities, and our lives.

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