Message: “Honoring Thanksgiving/Thanxgrieving” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae - May 23, 2021

Buddhist Wisdom

Unitarian Universalist faith affirms "wisdom from the world's religions which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life." The life of Siddhattha Gotama--"The Enlightened One"--had a profound impact on our liberal religious faith. We consider Buddhist wisdom for our lives.

From Monthly: "Story"

Our spiritual theme for congregational exploration this month is Story. Stories are how we make meaning of existence and pass that meaning on to others. We all have stories that we tell ourselves – some that are real and some that we imagine to be real – about ourselves, our families, our relationships, our church community, our society, and even our place in the universe.

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