Message: “Buddhism, Zen, and a Call to Justice” from Rev. James Ishmael Ford

Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae - April 25, 2021

Earth Sunday: A Spring for Change

Climate change is already happening, and we need immediate, comprehensive change to avoid complete climate disruption. Mass species extinctions and human migrations are inevitable as large parts of the Earth become uninhabitable. Let's discuss how we face the future and the challenges of addressing the climate crisis.

From Monthly: "Becoming"

Becoming is the process of change in which potentialities are actualized to ever greater degrees. Becoming invites us to shed what no longer serves our highest aspirations for ourselves and to embrace a future that is new and sometimes fraught with anxieties and fears. Strengthening our capacities for self-transcendence through spiritual practices can enhance our abilities to change and grow in new circumstances.

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