Message: “Buddhism, Zen, and a Call to Justice” from Rev. James Ishmael Ford

Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae - December 13, 2020

Our Divine Words

"In the beginning was the Word...and the Word was G-d…” declares the scriptures of our Christian siblings. What about the words we speak and the ways we communicate? Is there something miraculous about our capacities for communication? What might religious wisdom teach us about good communication and the spiritual path?

From Monthly: "Stillness"

Stillness is the absence of motion and sound. In religious terms, it often means to dwell within oneself or to encounter the divine. It is a prerequisite for many forms of spiritual practice, creativity, and more mundane activities. Stillness invites us to be with ourselves and accept ourselves as enough. It invites us to live with greater patience and acceptance of what is.

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