Message: “Buddhism, Zen, and a Call to Justice” from Rev. James Ishmael Ford

Rev. James Ishmael Ford - October 10, 2021

Telling Stories: Reflecting on a Fairy Tale by A. S. Byatt

Our guest, the Reverend James Ford, thinks we can learn a lot about a lot of things from fairy tales. But then he stumbled upon a revisioned fairy tale by A. S. Byatt, and finds himself pointed in entirely new directions. We welcome back Rev. Ford, who has been a Unitarian Universalist parish minister for over 30 years. He is Minister Emeritus of the First Unitarian Church of Providence. He is also a Zen Buddhist priest, guiding teacher of the Empty Moon Zen sangha, writes the “Monkey Mind” blog, and has penned several books addressing Zen and Buddhism.

From Monthly: "Cultivating Relationship"

Cultivating Relationship asks us to explore how we nurture the complex and sometimes messy bonds that are the lifeblood of any gathered community. Religion is all about relationship as we attempt to comprehend and promote how people should relate to each other, to the larger world, and to ultimacy or the divine. We are all connected and we are committed to showing up for each other, both in times of difficulty and need and in times of joy and celebration.

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