Message: “Exodus Moments” from Rev. Liz Murphy

Rev. Liz Murphy - July 10, 2022

Exodus Moments

In a season of immense change, we'll be turning to one of the classic stories of transition: Exodus. It's a story of freedom, of fear, of an upside-down world... sound familiar? This Sunday we'll re-examine this story -- which is one of our 6 UU sources -- to glean wisdom, hope, and strength. These days are full of "Exodus Moments" -- how might we respond to these thresholds with connection to community, with compassionate love, with a conviction for justice?

From Monthly: "Quest"

This month our theme is Quest, and we’ll explore it in worship, small group discussion, and personal reflection. Stories of quests abound and usually show a protagonist and companions setting out to acquire an important object or to get to a location; along the way they face temptations and other obstacles. While on a quest you encounter new stuff — and there are multiple invitations to notice what is happening around you and in yourself. How are we, personally, as a congregation, and as a denomination, embarked on a quest? What stories do we tell about our quest, our dreams and aspirations, our challenges, failures, collaborations, discoveries, lessons, renewed striving? How do we help each other on our journeys?

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