Connect with Us

In addition to Sunday morning worship, you are welcome to activities and opportunities for service and connection throughout the week. Seekers, sufferers, contemplatives, and activists for social justice all find their homes here.

Come as You Are to Worship

10:30 am Sunday Services, in-person and online

Enjoy music-filled Sunday worship, both in-person at our historic Sanctuary and online via Facebook and YouTube. For a preview, videos and audio recordings of past services can be found on our Sermons page.

Visitor Meetup

First-time visitors and frequent guests gather for the Visitor Meetup after Sunday services on the first Sunday of the month. This brief, get-to-know-us session will answer your questions about Unitarian Universalism, our church community, and the many opportunities for growth, connection, and service. All are welcome. Stop by or contact us for more info.

Faith Forward

For members and friends, old and new, we present Faith Forward. This series deep-dives into all things UU Santa Moncia: from membership and faith development for children and youth to UU principles and our social justice and environmental work. The campus tour and Q&A with the minister are always well attended. Check out the Events page for upcoming sessions.

Drop in for one session or attend many, as the nine-week course repeats in spring and fall.

We are located in the heart of Santa Monica at 18th and Arizona.

Adult Groups

Lifelong questioning and learning are fundamental to our faith, and UUSM offers many programs to educate, enrich, support, and build community. Adults of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to the recurring programs listed here, and special programs found on our Events page.

Music-filled Sunday services with the choir

Opportunities to Serve with UUSM

We come together for more than ourselves. We work for peace, justice, human rights, and sustainability in our local community and wider world. Our Faith in Action Commission (FIA) enables awareness, volunteerism, and direct action in several ways. We advocate with local and national movements and support individual passion projects. UUs traditionally say that social action is “praying with your feet,” and we are on the march.

Intergenerational: Many families put their UU values into practice through wholehearted living, service, and activism.

Service together is always more fun

Families, Children, and Youth

We invite families and youth to join an exciting journey of questioning, searching, challenging, and wondering about the meaning of life with all its mysteries, great and small. UUSM hosts in-person programs that foster the personal and spiritual development of children and youth, within the context of Unitarian Universalism.

Soulful Sundown is our newest come-as-you-are addition to our lineup of programming. Potluck dinner and live music, fun for the whole family. It's a great opportunity to get to know other families in the congregation. Our Whole Lives sexuality education programs (Grades K-1, 5-6, 7-9 and 10-12), along with Coming of Age (for 7th-9th graders) and YRUU (Young Religious UUs, 9-12 grades) happen at different times throughout the year. In Spring 2023 we are running OWL for 7th-9th graders. In Fall 2023, we plan to run OWL for 5th-6th graders and Coming of Age for our youth 7-10th grades. YRUU social activities will also reboot  in Fall 2023.

Our children and youth are important members of our faith community.

Whatever your religious background—even if you have never participated in a faith community before—there is room in our church for your family. For generations, Unitarian Universalism has welcomed and guided interfaith families, exiles, and seekers. We are enriched by each others’ faith journeys and our liberal religious values. We invite you to join us as we celebrate “being you and being UU” on Sundays and every day.