Message: “Camp Songs” from Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins

Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri-Robins - September 18, 2022

Camp Songs

Rev. Dr. Kikanza Nuri Robins, preaching Chela Metzger, Worship Associate While some of our members are away at Camp de Benneville Pines, we will reminisce about the best and worst of camp life. Did you go to camp? As an adult or as a child? What are some of your indelible memories? Why is camping such a significant aspect of American life? And most important of all, which are your favorite camp songs? Come worship and sing with us.

From Monthly: "Belonging"

People find belonging in religious communities. Our community connects us with history, principles, society, our place in the universe, and a sense of purpose. (Perhaps this is why people in religious communities tend to live longer and report better health and higher quality of life.) How might we welcome those who are alienated from the larger community? When was the first time you thought, “Now I belong?”

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