Text 844-982-0209 with the amount you’d like to donate and the code for where you would like your donation to go. To make a Generous Congregation Contribution, use code GCC; for example, “$20 GCC”. To make a Pledge contribution, use PLG (“$200 PLG”). To make a non-pledge contribution to another fund, use OTR (“$50 OTR”). See the list below for codes.

Text giving is mobile, easy, and it makes a huge difference. Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted. (The first time you give, you’ll be asked to register. If you need to upate your credit card, contact the office.)

Codes for other purposes:

  • ARE: Adult RE
  • ART: Art Wall sales
  • D4D: Dining for Dollars events
  • DBP: De Benneville Pines Camp
  • EME: Emergence Fund
  • FIA: Faith in Action
  • GCC: Generous Congregation
  • GEN: General Operating
  • HFC: Hunger Fund
  • MDF: Minister Discretionary Fund
  • MUS: Music Program
  • OTR: Other
  • OWL: Our Whole Lives
  • PLG: Pledges
  • UUV: UU the Vote
  • SLF: Spirit Level Foundation Matching Grant
  • UUV: UU the Vote
  • YRE: Youth RE