Mini Chalice Circle

What is a Chalice Circle? Come to a drop-in meeting where you can experience a Chalice Circle in an abbreviated form.

RESCHEDULED Friday Fun & Games

RESCHEDULED Hey families, join us for Friday Fun & Games on October 20! Come and bring your kids. We’ll provide the food and fun.

MacBook Pro near white open book

Amherst Writers and Artists Group

Join us as we write and develop the Beloved Community. We see everyone as a writer with their own unique voice and creative genius.

Craft Fair

Our Craft Fair is back this year; join us on Sunday, November 19, 2023, following worship service.

Hiking Group

Our next hike will be at Solstice Canyon—2 miles round-trip on a mostly dirt road, including a gentle rise in elevation to the ruins of Roberts Ranch House and a waterfall.

RESCHEDULED Soulful Sundown

RESCHEDULED to Friday, October 20, 2023. Soulful Sundown will be a magical night of live music of popular songs that promote loving, caring relationships, songs by the likes of Lennon and McCartney, Stevie Wonder and others.