Peace and Social Justice

Vote Yes on Prop 15

The Call of Our Faith to Pass Proposition 15

A corporate property tax loophole has been squeezing the life from local governments and school districts across California. Proposition 15, the Schools and Communities First initiative on the November ballot, aims to change that.

workers, clergy and community members rall in front of Santa Monica City Hall

Stand With Women Against Abuse

As part of our partnership with CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice) we have been supporting the hotel housekeepers from Le Merigot and other Santa Monica hotels in their struggle for a housekeepers’ bill of rights.

Faith In Action Teams Up with Sunrise Movement

It was exciting — and inspiring — to have more than 40 energetic, committed young people in their late teens and twenties fill our UUSM sanctuary and campus on Saturday, April 13th, for a full day of connecting and training to organize for climate justice