Message: “As-Sabur: The Most Patient” from Rev. Jeremiah Kalendae

Rev. Jeremiah Lal Shahbaz Kalendae - November 29, 2020

As-Sabur: The Most Patient

Sheikh Najm ad-Dīn Kubrà is called the "saint-making Sufi" because of the profound influence his early teachings had on so many Sufis, including the father of Jalaluddin Rumi. As-Sabur, or The Most Patient, is one of the 99 Beautiful Names of the Divine in Islam. Let's explore Sufi teachings and learn to practice and appreciate patience in these challenging times.

From Monthly: "Healing"

Healing is a “returning to wholeness” or restoring balance. It is a fitting topic for contemplation in this time of so much illness, death and division in our culture. Developmental ministry is also a period of healing that invites us to practice living by our liberal religious faith. The pandemic has brought our community closer together as we face a common threat and prioritize what really matters in a beloved community.

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